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Do You Wanna Love Me.mp3

Do You Wanna Love Me


You are my inspiration, my hopes and dreams.
You filled my empty heart, with love and energy.
Where did you come from baby? You know you saved my life.
And I want you always

Do You Wanna Love Me?

I thought my life was easy, just playing the games
I sold my soul too fast. I made a mistake
My head was spinnin, spinning around. Until you kissed my lips.
Your all what I needed.

Do You Wanna Love Me?

First we must communicate, to understand my ways
I´ll take good care of you.
I´ll be the strength. I´ll be so true. I´ll give you love so beautiful, ...but

Do You Wanna Love Me?

Come lets walk away, and leave the past behind.
We´ll make our own new friends. It´s all a matter of time.
Maybe I´m dreamin a dream, or talking out of line.
But I know how I feel.

Do You Wanna Love Me?

Do You Wanna Love Me? Do you wanna? Do you want to?

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